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Whether you’re ready to level up from your old pc or you’re a professional in need of high-performance, PcRx can deliver. Our custom, prebuilt PCs come complete with carefully selected components like GPUs, CPUs, RAM, power supply units, and more, and are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our PC towers ensure top-tier performance, empowering you to tackle the latest games and demanding work tasks with ease. And don’t worry about where you’re at – we’ll ship anywhere in the U.S. Ready to start the journey towards your next PC? Contact us with more information and we’ll be in touch.

Who Needs a Custom Built PC:

  • Gamers
  • Professionals
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers

Advantages of Trusting PcRx

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No matter what your specific requirements are, we can make sure you get the best machine to match your use of your computer. Together, we determine the software that you need to ensure we don’t clutter and slow down your PC with unwanted programs. Often computers ‘out-of-the-box’ are heavily loaded with software including trial software that you will never use and that slow down the performance of your machine.


Benefits of Having a Custom Built PC:

  • Save yourself time and hassle in trying to choose between the mass-manufactured PCs on the market.
  • You can be assured your machine has quality, stable hardware components and configuration.
  • You won’t be paying for software/hardware that you don’t need or want.
  • Your machine won’t be slowed down by space hungry software that you won’t use.
  • You will be paying for a machine that will speedily do what you want it to do.

Prebuilt Custom PC Towers

With our help you can choose the hardware and software that best match your needs and your budget. We can design the PC to allow for future upgrades, should you desire. Often upgrading brand name computers can be difficult and expensive, you can avoid this by having a PC built to meet your needs.

We use quality and stable, yet affordable, components in your PC build so it will last longer than one bought off the shelf. A custom prebuilt PC will actually cost you less over its lifetime. We are always available to help you if your needs change since we know how your custom built pc was designed – making upgrades easily managed.

Our Promise

No custom built PC will leave our workshop without being extensively tested to ensure that it is stable and running at its optimum. All software and drivers will be updated to the latest versions available.

Our custom gaming PCs and PC towers will have the best protection available. We install the best possible firewall for your system and advise you on the most effective anti-malware software to be loaded. By choosing a custom prebuilt PC, you will receive the best possible hardware and software built for stability and reliability – at the most cost-effective rate.

If you want a new PC but don’t want a more recent Windows Operating System, we can build you a new machine with a Windows 7 platform or earlier operating system if that is your preference.

Custom Built PCs at PcRx

Personalized Machines, Built to Last.

No Fix – No Fee Guarantee

If we can’t fix your computer then you don’t owe us a penny!

Whether your computer is running unbearably slow or won’t turn on at all, bring your computer to us today for all your computer repair needs. The expert technicians at Computer Repair have the experience to tackle all common issues including issues with your operating system, water damage, hardware replacement, software problems and more.

Honesty and Transparency

We promise to deliver genuine, trustworthy service.

It is our promise to the customer that all dealing is fair and transparent. Customer satisfaction and trust are such pillars built only through the perfect adhesive honesty and this makes us present all our business aspects openly to the client to let him take thorough look and decide for himself.

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