Lenovo Thinkcenter M78


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Amd Quad Core 3.2Ghz Processor

4GB Ram

500GB Brand New Hard Drive

Windows 10

Microsoft Office

Vipre Antivirus 1 year subscription included

2 in stock



The Lenovo ThinkCentre M78 is performance-oriented with features that speed-up processing
and enhance user experience. Work faster with AMD next generation accelerated processing
unit (APU) with up to 23%1 CPU performance and 200%1 graphic performance. Save time
by starting the desktop faster with reduced Windows® start-up time.

Support performance with better IT management using DASH 1.1, which provides features
to manage system health and power usage remotely. Protect your desktop against data thet
and network security risks by controlling unauthorized use of USB storage devices using
the option to disable USB ports. Secure applications, electronic transactions and online
communication with TPM 1.2 hardware-based security to encrypt data and key information like
passwords and digital certificates.

Run the desktop cool and quiet with the AMD Intelligent Cooling Engine. Use energy intelligently
with the latest desktop power manager and 92% power e ciency PSU2. Optimize power
utilization with the desktop being Cisco EnergyWise certiied. Ofering the performance,
simpliied IT management and power-saving features that you need, the M78 is a smart choice
for your eco-system

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